TSR Heating Cables

Commercial Grade Process Temperature Maintenance for Piped Liquids. Self-Regulating, Cut-to-Order. Ordinary or Hazardous Locations.

TSR™ provides a commercial grade solution for maintaining piped liquids at a constant temperature to prevent degradation or to maintain viscosity and flow. These parallel resistance cables are cut to order and provided on bulk spools for 120, 208, 240 and 277 Vac applications. TSR cables are available in circuit lengths up to 650 feet and power densities from 3 to 10 watts per foot. TSR Cables are UL Listed, CSA Certified, and Factory Mutual Approved for use in Class I, Division 2 locations when used with approved termination accessories.


TSR Trace Heating Cables Catalog Page 

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  • Industrial or hazardous locations where water supply and drain pipes vulnerable to freezing
  • Commercial roofs and gutters prone to ice-damming and dangerous icicles
  • Industrial or hazardous locations where liquids piped during processing require constant temperatures


TSR Heating Cables