LT Series Connection Kits

Heat Shrinkable Splice Kits for Heating Cables.

Nelson Heat Trace connection kits are used to splice heating cables under the insulation. They should be used in applications where periodic maintenance, inspection or accessibility is not required.

Applications Features Selection Guide Installation Instructions
  • Heat shrinkable connection kits for heating cables
  • In-line kits for splicing 2 cables under the insulation:
    • LT-SS: for Type LT and CLT cables
    • LT-HSS: for Type HLT cables
    • LT-NSS: for Type NC cables
  • Tee kits for splicing 3 cables under the insulation:
    • LT-ST: for Type LT and CLT cables
    • LT-HST: for Type HLT cables
    • LT-NST: for Type NC cables
Nelson Heat Trace
LT Series Connection Kits