LT Heating Cables

Commercial Grade Freeze Protection and Process Temperature Maintenance for Piped Liquids. Ordinary and Hazardous Locations. Self Regulating, Cut-to-Length.

Nelson LT Series cables are designed to prevent freezing and to maintain fluid viscosity and flow in low ambient temperatures. Because they’re self regulating, these cables can be overlapped without creating hot spots or burnout. Two thermoplastic elastomer jackets and an optional overjacket provide extra dielectric strength, moisture resistance and protection against damage and wear.

Applications Features Specification Sheets
  • Freeze protection of pipes and vessels
  • Temperature maintenance of pipes and vessels
  • Fire protection and dust suppression systems
  • Condensate return systems
  • Fuel oil lines and lubrication systems
  • Foundation heating
  • Structure anti-icing
  • Related Products and Accessories
  • Connection kits for power connection, tee splices, splices and end seals
  • Division 1 hazardous location connection kits
  • Zone 1 hazardous location connection kits
  • Thermostatic controls
  • Junction boxes, application tapes and warning signs
  • Custom control, monitoring and power panels
Nelson Heat Trace
LT Heating Cables