HLT Series Heating Cables

Process Temperature Maintenance for Piped Liquids in Medium Temperature Applications, Freeze Protection of Steam-Cleaned Lines. Self Regulating, Cut-to-Length. Ordinary and Hazardous Locations.

Nelson HLT self-regulating heating cable prevents freezing and maintains fluid temperature and flow over a wide range of operating temperatures up to 121°C/250°F. Because HLT cables can withstand exposure to temperatures up to 191°C/375°F, they’re suitable for facilities that use super heated steam to flush and clean pipes.

Applications Features Specification Sheets
  • Freeze protection for metallic pipes that are periodically steam cleaned at temperatures up to 191°C/375°F
  • Maintaining the temperature and viscosity of piped liquids in applications that require a temperature of 121°C/250°F or lower
  • Piping systems for hydrocarbons and chemical products
  • Classified hazardous locations
Nelson Heat Trace
Nelson Heat Trace HLT Heating Cables