LT Series Cables

Type LT-A, LT-B, LT-C, LT-C1 and LT-D Commercial-Grade Cables for Water Heating. Self-Regulating, Cut-to-Length. Non-Hazardous Locations.

Nelson Heat Trace LT-A, B, C, D and C1 Series heating cables provide an energy-efficient and economical alternative to recirculation systems for providing instant hot water. Installed on the hot-water supply pipe, these cable systems eliminate the expense, maintenance requirements and energy losses associated with recirculation system piping, pumps, check valves and pressure balancing valves.

Applications Features Specification Sheet
  • Hot water supply systems, especially in hotels, hospitals, prisons and other installations where the point of use may be far from the main hot water supply
  • An economical, energy-efficient, low-maintenance alternative to recirculation systems

Nelson Heat Trace

LT Series Cable