Heating Cables

Commercial, Industrial and Residential Heating Cable Solutions.

Heating cable systems are designed to protect against cold-related problems throughout your home and business. De-icing kits protect against ice dams on the roof and gutter, frost damage, and frozen pipes. Specially designed heating cable systems keep walkways and driveways clear of ice and snow, helping prevent pedestrian accidents and time wasted shoveling. Energy efficient floor warming cables and mats provide electric radiant heat to keep floors comfortable and warm. Hot water maintenance systems deliver instant hot water at the tap without the expense and complexity of a recirculation system.

Heating cable systems provide great benefits in commercial and industrial settings where pipe and vessel process temperature maintenance is critical such as in petrochemical plants or oil and gas refineries. Electrical heating cables offer unique thermal solutions ranging from process temperature maintenance to freeze protection, hot water supply, tank and vessel heating, frost heave prevention that are specifically geared for reliable performance in tough and hazardous environments.

Whether you're installing mats to warm the tile floor in the master bathroom or using self-regulating cables to maintain pipe temperature in a hazardous location at a plant, there is a complete selection of heating cables, thermostats, controls, monitors and accessories to provide you with a complete solution.



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