EYD and EYDM 25 Percent Fill, Drain

25%* Fill. Vertical. EYD: Female/Female. Type EYDM: Male/Female.
Explosionproof, Dust-Ignitionproof.
For Use with Threaded Rigid Metal Conduit and IMC.
  • NEC/CEC:
    – Class I, Division  1 and 2, Groups C, D
    – Class II, Division 1 and 2, Groups F, G
    – ​Class III


These O-Z/Gedney drain/sealing fittings minimize the passage of gases and vapors and prevent the passage of flames from one portion of an electrical system to another through the conduit. They also provide a continuous water drain path while allowing the conduit run to breathe.


EYD & EYDM 25% Fill Vertical Conduit Drain Sealing Fittings Catalog Pages

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  • Minimize the passage of gases and vapors from one portion of the electrical system to another through the conduit
  • Prevent the passage of flames
  • 25% conduit fill
* Per NEC 501.15(C)(6) seals in Class I, Division 1 and 2 must be limited to conductor fill of 25% of cross sectional area of a rigid metal conduit of the same trade size unless approved for higher percentage fill. See 40% fill sealing fittings.​

O-Z Gedney 

EY and EYM 25 Percent Fill Vertical Conduit Sealing Fittings