Hazardous Location Sealing Fittings

Sealing Fittings for Hazardous Environments

Sealing fittings, sealing cement and fiber fill are required in many Class I, Division 1 and 2 locations when not using factory sealed enclosures. Properly installed, they minimize the passage of gases and vapors and prevents the passage of flames from one portion of a conduit system to another, and also prevent any internal explosion from propagating to the outside atmosphere. Appleton Group offers 25% and 40% fill vertical and horizontal sealing fittings in a wide range of designs and sizes, along with sealing cement and fiber fill and complete sealing kits packaged in quantities to complete any job, large or small.

Appleton Group’s explosionproof, dust-ignitionproof sealing fittings meet NEC and CEC requirements for use to prevent the passage of gases, vapors or flames from one portion of conduit system to another.