NEC, CEC Explosionproof

NEC, CEC Explosionproof Conduit Fittings.

Maintain the integrity of Class I, Division 1 and 2 locations with Appleton’s extensive range NEC and CEC Certified conduit fittings. They are available in a variety of finishes, including Appleton’s triple-coat finish of zinc electroplate, chromate and epoxy powder coat. Materials include high-strength malleable iron, breakout Grayloyiron and corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Appleton 45 and 90 degree elbows are for joining conduit at a fixed 45 degree or 90 degree angle.
O-Z/Gedney explosionproof ECGJH and ECLK flexible couplings are used in hazardous locations to isolate conduit systems from vibration and/or movement or to make difficult bends.
O-Z/Gedney ECHF flexible couplings are used as fixture hanger supports to suspend pendant mount hazardous location lighting fixtures, allowing fixtures to swing freely if struck accidentally.
O-Z/Gedney explosionproof EL-9 and Type 8 conduit elbows provide a 90 degree change in the direction of a conduit run.
O-Z/Gedney ELFF explosionproof short conduit elbows provide a 45 degree change in the direction of a conduit run where a short radius turn is needed.
Appleton EXGJH and EXLK flexible couplings are used in areas where vibration or movement is a problem. Can also be used when bending rigid conduit would be difficult.
O-Z/Gedney explosionproof ME-S male enlargers are used to enlarge a threaded hub in an enclosure or fitting.
O-Z Gedney PLG explosionproof threaded insert plugs are used to close up a tapped hole or hubO-Z/Gedney PLG explosionproof threaded insert plugs are used to close up a tapped hole or hub.
Appleton’s PLG close-up plugs are used to seal threaded NPT conduit entries in hazardous or non-hazardous location enclosures, BR bell reducers are used to join lengths of conduit with different diameters.
O-Z/Gedney's explosionproof RS Series reducing bushings are used to reduce the trade size of a tapped hole or hub.
These Appleton reducing bushings are designed for use in threaded rigid and IMC conduit systems.
O-Z/Gedney's REC reducing couplings are used to connect two different sizes of conduit together or to replace a coupling and reducer in a conduit installation.
O-Z/Gedney UNA 360 degree swiveling unions provide a means of joining two lengths of conduit at any angle.
O-Z/Gedney explosionproof UNY and UNF unions provide a convenient means joining conduits, or joining conduit to enclosures or other devices, without rotation of conduit.
Appleton UNY unions connect conduit to enclosure, UNF unions connect conduit to conduit, and UNL unions connect conduit to enclosure at 90 degree angle