UNY and UNF Conduit Unions

Explosionproof, Dust-Ignitionproof.
For Use with Threaded Rigid Metal Conduit and IMC.
Types UNF and UNY, UNF-A and UNY-A.
  • NEC/CEC:
    Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups A, B, C, D
    Class II, Division 1 and 2 Groups E, F, G
    Class I

These O-Z/Gedney unions provide a convenient means for connecting lengths of conduit or connecting conduit to an enclosure, without requiring rotation of the conduit.

UNY and UNF Conduit Union Catalog Pages

Applications Features Catalog Numbers
  • UNY and UNF unions are used for joining conduit and connecting conduit to enclosures. Facilitates modifications, permits removal of enclosures without turning or removal of conduit.
  • Expansion unions compensate for expansion and contraction of conduit. 

O-Z Gedney 

UNY and UNF Conduit Unions