NEC, CEC Explosionproof

NEC, CEC Requirements.


Appleton’s explosionproof conduit outlet bodies and boxes serve as pulling fittings and are ideal for use with heavy, difficult to bend conductors. They can be used to connect conduit lengths and change direction of conduit. Elbows are available to make 90° bends in conduit and straight pull through hubs in either direction. They are corrosion-resistant and meet a wide range of classified area requirements making them an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor use.​ 

O-Z/Gedney 0E compact conduit outlet bodies provide access for pulling conductors, maintenance or wiring change.
Appleton ELBY and ELBD 90° degree pulling elbows serve as pulling fitting, makes 90 degree bend in conduit runs.
Appleton ER conduit outlet boxes are used to pull wires, connect conduit lengths, change direction of conduit and provide access for maintenance, corrosion resistant. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors.
O-Z/Gedney LBH, LBH-N4, LBH-A and LBH-AN4 pulling elbows are used to provide access to conductors for pulling, splicing and maintenance in hazardous locations.
O-Z/Gedney LBY capped conduit elbows provide a 90 degree change in direction in hazardous and ordinary locations and allow access for pulling conductors.