WST and WDS Disconnect Switches

600 Vac, 600 Vdc, 30, 60 or 100 Amps. Fused and Non-Fused.

  • NEC - WST:
    – NEMA 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12
  • CEC - WDS*:
    – NEMA 3, 4X, 5

The WST and WDS Series of weatherproof switches withstand corrosive environments. They provide heavy duty switches for disconnecting motors, lighting or power circuits. The WDS Series is CSA Certified.

WST and WDS Disconnect Switches Catalog Pages

Applications Features Catalog Numbers
  • Used to control power to fixed electrical equipment such as welders, generators, compressors, infrared ovens, batch feeders, conveyors
  • Available in a variety of voltage and amperage ratings and interlock types
  • Ideal for use in:
  • Refrigerated truck terminals
  • Marine docks
  • Automotive and steel processing plants
  • Pulp and paper processing plants
  • Milk processing plants and creameries
  • Fabrication yards and shipyards
  • Refrigerated truck terminals
  • Other industrial plant applications
* CSA Certification Only.


WST and WDS Disconnect Switches