SD Static Discharge Grounding Reelites

Convenient, Safe Grounding for Vehicles, Portable Machines and Equipment Operating in Hazardous Atmospheres.

For use in areas where a hazardous atmosphere may be present, SD Series Reelites® provide a retractable grounding cable and clamp for easily and safely dissipating static electrical buildup, reducing the chance of a spark and resulting explosion. These lightweight, rugged steel Reelites can be mounted to the ceiling, wall, or with base down to a clean, unpainted conductive surface to ensure electrical continuity through a frame. They’re available with steel, nylon-jacketed steel or rubber-covered copper cable in lengths from 50 to 100 feet in either a single or Y configuration.

SD Series Static Discharge Grounding Reelites Catalog Pages
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  • Safe dissipation of static electricity for:
    Dock-side loading facilities
    Grain elevators
    – Hazardous maintenance areas
    Vehicles, machines and equipment used wherever flammable liquids or combustible dust may be presentmay be present
  • Maximum Vdc resistance is approximately 1 Ohm for each 50 feet of steel cable, or 0.15 Ohms for each 50 feet of #14 AWG copper cable


SD Series Static Discharge Grounding Reelites