Contender Front Operated Tumbler Switches

Factory Sealed. Explosionproof, Dust-Ignitionproof.
  • NEC:
    Class I, Division 1, Groups C, D
    Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C, D
    – Class II, Division 1 and 2, Groups E, F, G
    Class III
    NEMA 3, 7CD, 9EFG

Contender® Series factory sealed tumbler switches prevent ignition of hazardous atmospheres by containing any arcing within a factory sealed enclosure. They are fitted to work in settings that currently use competitor’s back bodies and covers, allowing you to benefit from Appleton features and reliability without upgrading the entire electrical infrastructure. Handles can be padlocked in either the on or off position.

Contender® Series Factory Sealed Front Operated Tumbler Switches Catalog Pages

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  • Designed to prevent arcing of enclosed switches in ignitable atmospheres during on/off switching of lighting and light power loads
  • For use in classified areas where ignitable vapors, gases or highly combustible dusts are present
  • Ideal for chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries and other process industries


Contender® Series Factory Sealed Front Operated Tumbler Switches