Controls for Ordinary and Hazardous Locations.

Unsurpassed safety meets incredible simplicity. Our easy-to-install easy to install control stations are built to safely and efficiently operate your equipment. They will help you keep productivity high and downtime low.

Whether you need a single tumbler switch, multiple button control station, timer, pilot light, motor starter, conveyor control or ground indicator, Appleton Group provides the hazardous location enclosures and control devices you are looking for. They are available with the materials, footprint and certifications to satisfy your particular installation requirements.

Our control stations and switches include time tested designs and new innovations, with devices and options available to meet virtually any control requirement. Models are available NEC, CEC, ATEX, IEC and IECEx Certified version.
Appleton conveyor switches for NEC and CEC hazardous locations provide for normal and emergency shutoff, automatic shutoff and automatic correction of incorrect conveyor speed.
Appleton Group motor starters are available in explosionproof, dust-ignitionproof and flameproof versions. They deliver secure performance in the starting of polyphase AC or DC motors.
Appleton Group offers a variety of grounding devices for use in NEC and CEC governed hazardous locations.