SDN DeviceNet DIN Rail Series

Thin and Thick Cable DeviceNet Applications.

As a member of the Open DeviceNet™ Vendors Association (ODVA), EGS Electrical Group has two power supplies specifically for DeviceNet applications. Models are available to meet ODVA power supply specifications for either thin or thick cable applications. Both models offer sag immunity, transient suppression, a rugged design and all the other features that have made the SDN™ Series the industry leader for DIN rail power supplies.

The SDN 4-24-100LP has the highest output current possible while still meeting the requirements for NEC Class 2 and UL 1310. This means it can be used in thin cable DeviceNet installations that meet the National Electrical Code (NEC) or the Canadian Electric Code (CE) without the need for secondary fusing.

The SDN 10-24-100P is designed for installations that require the full 8 amp capability of the DeviceNet thick cable system.

Note: Local codes may prohibit the use of the full capacity of the power supply.

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SDN DeviceNet DIN Rail Series