UPSMON UPS Monitoring Software

UPSMON - Uninterruptible Power Supplies Monitoring Software

Allows communication with our SDU AC A Series, S1K and S3K UPS when they are directly connected to a computer. When installed on a local computer, UPSMON software connects to the UPS using either a USB or serial cable giving you the ability to monitor the UPS and its loads. 

The UPSMON software package is a one-to-one application for computers, laptops and workstations used for monitoring UPS systems. When the UPSMON is operating, as a background program it collects messages sent from the UPS. UPSMON interprets the received messages and makes them available to the UPS.

If UPSMON detects a supply voltage variations or even a total power loss, it can execute various command scripts, which for example may either perform a controlled shutdown of the associated equipment or computer or send warnings to the connected equipment. These scripts which are a part of the UPSMON package can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.​

UPSMON-PRO 2.0 Features UPSMON-PRO 2.0 UPSMON-Plus 2.87

Using UPSMON-PRO Monitoring Software

With this UPS monitoring software, you can :

  • Get UPS connection from serial port, usb port, or SNMP agent
  • Monitor UPS status, battery capacity , output voltage, load level, and more
  • Record and review historical UPS events
  • Record and review UPS information by a line chart
  • Set up countdown seconds between power loss/failure - OS shutdown / OS shutdown - UPS Off
  • Set up e-mail notification (ex : power outages, low battery, disconnect, and more)
  • Set up UPS features (ex : silence ,battery test , no load shutdown, outlets control, and more)
  • Share UPS status to the other UPSMON-PRO (Multi-Windows / Linux )
  • Start web portal for remote monitoring
Featured Inside:
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Track power events
  • Email notification
  • Graphical display
  • Multi-OS connect
  • Remote monitoring


NOTE : We strongly recommend you logged in as an administrator to install the UPSMON-PRO