S5K-C Modular Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Flexible, Easily Upgradeable Modular UPS. Scalable from 5 to 20 kVA.

The S5KC Modular UPS is scalable from 5 to 20 kVA, offering many flexible options by adding a few standard modules. Designed to be fully configured, tested and shipped in the configuration you need, the S5KC Modular UPS also has the ability to be easily upgraded in the field to either higher VA ratings (up to 20 kVA maximum), longer back-ups time or to add N+x parallel redundancy. Configurations can be cost-effectively upgraded keeping your S5KC Modular UPS current without a large reinvestment in a new system. The optional N+x redundancy provides a fault-tolerant group of power modules and controls. The modular design is easy to upgrade so the UPS can grow with the needs of the system that is being protected.

Each of the modular components, including 5 kVA power modules, LCD display, battery modules and system control modules, can be hot-swapped making it easy to increase power, extend your back-up time or add redundancy while still providing power protection to the load. This fault-tolerant system uses intelligent power and battery modules which take themselves off-line if there is a problem without interrupting power to the load. Self-diagnostic capabilities simplify maintenance and troubleshooting. Each unit incorporates an internal automatic bypass.

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With multiple standard options in a smaller footprint, providing more flexibility for capacity and communication both pre- and post-installation, the S5KC delivers the power protection needs in applications such as:

  • Oil and Gas (Pure OEMs)

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Automotive

  • Food and Beverage


S5K-C Modular Series Uninterruptible Power Supplies