S3K Series Mini Tower Line Interactive UPS

Cabinet Installed Power Conditioning Plus Battery Backup. 700 VA/480 W to 1440 VA/1200 W.

The S3K Series is an economical choice for applications that require the performance of a sinewave output, line interactive UPS in a mini-tower for cabinet installations. State of the art line interactive technology protects against most power disturbances without transferring to the internal battery, providing continuous power correction while optimizing battery life. Three models are available to handle your specific load and backup time requirements.

All three models offer protection for both under- and over-voltage conditions including low energy lightning surges introduced on the input power source. And all three are equipped with an input circuit protector and surge protected data line connectors (RJ-45). A battery self-test function displays a warning when the battery needs to be replaced, ensuring that the unit is always ready to protect your equipment and operations in the event of a power failure.

S3K Series Mini-Tower Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supplies Catalog Pages

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  • Robotics and process control
  • Workstations
  • Industrial automation systems
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Automatic service and dispensing equipment


S3K Series Mini Tower Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supplies