S1K Mini Tower Off Line UPS

Standby Backup Power for PCs, Peripherals and Other Standalone Devices. 320 VA/240 W to 1,500 VA/900 W.

The S1K Series is ideal for point-of-sale and office applications, providing highly affordable protection against equipment damage and data loss due to power surges and interruptions. These uninterruptible power systems have three outlets for CPUs and other critical devices that need both battery backup and surge protection. A fourth outlet is surge-protected only for non-critical devices such as printers and fax machines. On the largest capacity model, all four outlets are protected by both battery backup and surge protection.

Six models are available, providing backup runtime from 10 to 70 minutes for a typical PC with 15" monitor (actual runtimes depend on the total power consumption of protected devices). An optional mounting accessory designed to fit all six models allows you to mount the UPS on a wall, in a control panel or as an integrated part of an enclosure for safety, stability and support.

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S1K Mini Tower Off Line Uninterruptible Power Supplies