UPS Monitoring Software Downloads

MultiLink is your scalable network power protection solution. Run MultiLink on one machine to monitor your power and ensure a graceful unattended shutdown in the event of an extended power failure.

In the one-on-one configuration, MultiLink will monitor a serially connected UPS or an SNMP-enabled UPS over the network. Depending on your revision level, MultiLink can also be upgraded to support your unique needs.

Add-On licenses are available to unlock certain networking functions in Multilink. Contact your SolaHD representative or Distributor for details. The MultiLink Network Administration license allows you to monitor multiple UPS and remotely configure other installations of Multilink throughout your network. The software permits configurable responses to UPS status changes, including support for email, pagers, audio and on-screen notifications. 

The MultiLink Network Shutdown license allows you to efficiently manage your power protection on a larger UPS by running MultiLink on one computer and using that computer to coordinate the shutdown of other computers throughout your network.

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  • Event action logging
  • OpenComms NIC and OpenComms Web card integration
  • Enhanced secure shutdown options
  • UPS on bypass notification
  • Global notification address book
  • Detailed instrumentation
  • Simple navigation tree
  • Customizable event management
  • React to power problems with customizable event management
  • Manage over the network with optional Network Administration License
  • Prevents the loss of valuable data by performing unattended, orderly shutdown on one computer or multiple networked computers with optional MultiLink License Kit
  • Configurable responses to UPS status changes
  • Notification via alphanumeric pagers, e-mail and on-screen messages
  • Support for standards such as SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • Developed with Java™ technology
  • Supports both serial interface and contact closure interface
  • Ready-made or user-made cables
  • Manage and monitor UPSs over the network with optional Network Administration License

MultiLink Configurations

MultiLink is configured according to the method a computer uses to monitor the status of a UPS, either through an SNMP card or by a direct cable connection to the serial port. The software is designed to monitor any part of a network. Its functionality permits it to monitor any SolaHD UPS that can be contacted via serial cable, contact closure, an Ethernet or the Internet, but the software’s functionality does not require networked computers and UPS. Configure MultiLink according to the type of connection between the computer and UPS.


 User Manual 4.2