Surge Protection and Active Tracking Filtering

Surge protectors guard equipment against damaging voltage transients and electrical noise. Active tracking filters protect against the low voltage/high frequency transients generated by everyday events such as turning on motors or machinery. Both types of protection can be installed at the service entrance, branch panel and/or the load itself to provide the appropriate level of protection for any type of equipment, no matter how sensitive. SolaHD offers a complete selection of single and three phase models, including combination units that provide both surge protection and filtering in a single device. Also available are surge protection for data lines, coaxial cables and telephone systems.
SolaHD's STC-PoE Series data-signal line surge protective devices are designed to protect expensive equipment and critical data communications from internally generated transients and noise in a PoE based network
SolaHD STF Series active tracking filters offer original active tracking technology to guard against low voltage/high frequency energy transients
SolaHD's STFE Elite Series is DIN rail mounted and combines Active Tracking technology with UL Listed surge protection to protect against the full spectrum of voltage transients and surges
SolaHD's STFV Plus Series combines Active Tracking filtration for low energy noise and surge protection for high energy transients to protect your equipment
SolaHD's STV 100K hardwired surge protective devices provide hardwired surge protection at the service entrance, branch panel or a dedicated sensitive electronic load
SolaHD's STV 25K DIN rail surge protective devices offer dedicated, point-of-use surge protection to protect equipment against damaging transients


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Assessment Program for
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Surge Assessment Checklist 


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