SOLATRON Plus Three Phase Power Conditioners

Power Conditioning and Voltage Regulation for Three Phase Power. 20, 30, 50, 75 kVA.

SOLATRON™ Plus three phase power conditioners protect equipment from voltage sags and spikes, switching transients, lightning and induced surges using a carefully designed surge suppression circuit linked to a shielded isolation transformer and input and output filters. These units regulate output voltage to ±3 percent, even when input voltage varies from +10 percent to –25 percent. Response time to any line variation is 1.5 cycles regardless of power factor. Common mode noise attenuation is 150 dB and normal mode noise attenuation is 65 dB at 100 kHz.

SOLATRON™ Plus Three Phase Power Conditioners Catalog Pages

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  • Automatic packaging machinery
  • Large machine tool equipment
  • UPS bypass circuits
  • Retail stores       
  • Process equipment


SOLATRON Plus Three Phase Power Conditioners