Commercial Boxes

Commercial Boxes

The best electricians insist on the best products. Durable materials, consistent construction and easy installation all make a difference in the speed and final quality of any wiring job. That is why the best electricians choose Appleton Group products. Indoors or outdoors, wherever conduit or cable terminates at a switch/outlet box, junction box, lamp holder or fixture, our Appleton and O-Z/Gedney brands are a sign of professional quality.

Appleton Group’s non-metallic weatherproof boxes, covers and lampholders are constructed of rugged PVC or polycarbonate to prevent the entry of dirt, dust and moisture, they are resistant to impact, heat or low temperature distortion, and mold.
Appleton and O-Z Gedney's outlet and switch boxes are widely recognized for quality, selection and ease of installation
Appleton and O-Z Gedney's weatherproof boxes, covers, lampholders and lighting fixtures are designed for branch circuit wiring in wet, damp or dry locations

ETP Ceiling Fan Box Brochure 

ETP Ceiling Fan Box Brochure

ETP Steel Boxes with Ground Wire FLyer 

ETP Steel Boxes with Ground Wire Flyer