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Appleton Group contacts, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails for customer service and technical support.
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For up to 10 competitor items, the Cross Reference ● Manual Option tool may be used. ... For large spreadsheets of items, the Cross Reference ● Upload Option may be better suited for your needs. ... 1. Enter the competitor’s catalog...
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The success of any organization is due, in large part, to the skills, professionalism and commitment of its employees. At Appleton Group, formerly known as EGS Electrical Group, we are very proud of our team members in every department and we are a...
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Appleton Group Frequently Asked Questions
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Terms and Conditions Please refer to the tabs below for the latest Terms and Conditions and Sales Policies.
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Locate a sales representative, electrical or electronic distributor, plumbing wholesaler, tile wholesaler, or retailer for any EGS Electrical Group Brand.