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PSR heating cable may be used to help prevent water pipes from freezing or to help prevent the formation of ice dams on roofs. ... PSR heating cable is suitable for use on metal and plastic pipes (such as PVC or polybutylene) but not on...
Flood and HigH Bay ligHting witH all tHE BEnEFitS oF lEd. ... Save energy costs with the most efficient lighting technology available in the marketplace. ... Save maintenance costs with luminaires with 60,000 hours ... – four times as...
MPS Multi-Plug System ... Nelson MCT is a proven mechanical cable and pipe sealing system for use in commercial building wall and fl oor penetrations and in marine bulkhead and deck applications providing protection from fi re, smoke,...
plate and seal that space with its own compression hardware. ... Special custom frames and frames with banding are available. ... – Steel frame for welding into steel plate ... – Aluminum frame for welding into aluminum plate ... – Steel...
CHEMICAL FAMILY: Vitreous fiber made from blast furnace slag and/or basalt. ... CHRONIC: ... Mineral fiber may cause transitory mechanical irritation to eyes, skin or upper respiratory tract. ... Although inconclusive, three recent...
Firestop Systems in conjunction with various Firestop ... Sealants to assure the integrity of the fire rated seal against the spread of fire, smoke and gasses. ... The Mineral Wool offered is a packing grade wool designed for hand...
What is the material and what do I need to know in an emergency? ... Other components which are present in less than 1 percent concentration (0.1% concentration for potential carcinogens, reproductive toxins, respiratory tract sensitizer...
Nelson Compound (CMP™) is a cementitious material that is mixed with water. ... It is similar in appearance to mortar and can be troweled to a smooth finish that provides a weather resistant, non-shrinking fire-rated seal. ... Applicatio...
What is the material and what do I need to know in an emergency? ... 3. HAZARD IDENTIFICATION ... EMERGENCY OVERVIEW: The chief health hazard associated with overexposure would be the potential to slightly irritate the eyes, skin, nose,...
is water based, intumescent, fire protective coating designed to enhance the fire resistance of electrical power, communications and control cables. ... It is commonly applied to continuous cable runs to prevent the propagation of fire....