Water and Wastewater

A clean water supply and effective wastewater treatment are fundamental to public health. But when dealing with electrical systems and equipment, water is the enemy. Add in the problems of caustic and hazardous gases, and it’s clear why so many water and wastewater treatment facilities rely on Appleton Group for the safest, most durable and corrosion-resistant products.

Nelson Heat Trace offers a complete range of products and expertise for the powering, controlling and monitoring of pipeline temperatures. Our tailored, trouble-free, efficient and cost-effective systems are used around the globe, from frozen tundras to arid deserts.

Code•Master and Mercmaster luminaires provide a huge selection of lighting solutions for any area or task, with HID, fluorescent and next-generation LED models designed to withstand corrosive atmospheres, wet conditions and extremes of temperature. Many explosionproof and dust-ignitionproof models are available for use in classified hazardous locations.

The Edco SLAC surge suppressor is specifically designed to protect electronic instruments used by the water/wastewater industries. It combines hybrid AC power protection and signal line protection in a corrosion-resistant NEMA 4X polycarbonate case. The Edco SS Series also offers NEMA 4X protection in a coordinated multi-stage surge suppression system that integrates the fast response time of silicon avalanche diode technology with the high energy capability of metal oxide varistor technology.

Unicode® 2 Series control stations and switches are available in 316L stainless steel, aluminum and nonmetallic versions to provide superior corrosion resistance. A wide selection of push buttons, actuators, pilot lights, contact blocks, switches and ammeters are available, along with factory sealed, pre-drilled and customized enclosure options.

Appleton Group also offers a complete range of tray cable fittings, conduit bodies, fittings, cast junction boxes and other products designed for durability in harsh and hazardous environments.