Pulp and Paper

While a fresh sheet of paper may seem like the essence of clean, there’s nothing clean about the pulp and paper manufacturing process. Chlorine, sodium hydroxide and other corrosive chemicals abound. Wood and paper dusts can degrade equipment and present an explosion hazard. Extremes of temperature and humidity are the norm.

Appleton offers lighting solutions designed to cope with these harsh conditions and keep production mills up and running. The Mercmaster III Series of industrial HID luminaires is one example. They’re designed to withstand extremes of moisture and corrosion while providing dust tight, watertight and explosionproof protection for equipment and workers. Along with the next generation Mercmaster Induction Lighting System, they’re available in a wide selection of models to provide bright, efficient, controlled lighting for any area or task.

SolaHD power supply and power quality solutions are built with the same needs in mind. For example, SCD Series DC to DC converters are encapsulated to withstand the harshest conditions. They’re ideal for powering equipment, sensors and instruments that require anywhere from 5–48 Vdc, without the need to install separate AC lines and power supplies. SolaHD also supplies transformers, uninterruptible power supplies, power quality solutions and other electrical products built to the same high standard of quality and safety.

For bringing power to equipment, Appleton Group offers the corrosion resistance and safety features of nonmetallic Unicode® 2 control stations, ASR switched receptacles and Powertite® plugs, watertight stainless steel or copperfree aluminum TMC and TMCX connectors, TCC and TCCD cable tray clamps, and many more solutions.