Oil and Gas Exploration and Extraction

When specifying equipment for the oil and gas exploration and extraction industry, the need for reliable performance in the most rugged conditions is exceeded only by one overriding requirement: safety first.

That begins with lighting. Appleton provides safe, durable, corrosion-resistant lighting solutions for every conceivable need, from enclosed and gasketed Mercmaster™ III HID luminaires to explosionproof Code·Master 2 luminaires, from fluorescent RigMaster™ stainless steel fixtures to the nonmetallic ATX FE Series and much more.

The SolaHD SBE Series, International Series and HSZ Series industrial control transformers provide a rugged, encapsulated design to protect against harsh environments, along with a wide range of voltages, low temperature rise designs, NEMA 4X enclosures and other options to meet any need. MCR power conditioners protect equipment from damage and malfunction due to power spikes, sags and other electrical quality problems that are common in the oil and gas industry. Industrial class uninterruptible power systems such as the S4K4U and S4K5U international series ensure that equipment can be shut down safely in the event of a power failure.

ACSEW cast control centers and operators combine explosionproof safety, corrosion-resistant construction and the flexibility to accommodate 6 to 132 push buttons, switches and pilot lights in a single enclosure. Appleton custom switchracks provide complete motor control assemblies in one integrated package of circuit breakers, disconnects, transformers, instruments and many other devices. For exploration rigs, where portability rather than fixed wiring is the norm, Appleton offers portable power carts along with trusted brands such as U-Line® and Powertite® for delivering safe power connections.

Nelson Heat Trace offers a complete range of products and expertise for the powering, controlling and monitoring of pipeline temperatures. Our tailored, trouble-free, efficient and cost-effective systems are used around the globe, from frozen tundras to arid deserts.

You’ll find safe, reliable Appleton Group products like these and many more wherever electricity is used, from the wellhead to the refinery.