Appleton Group solutions are ubiquitous wherever electricity is generated and used, and renewable energy is a natural fit
Electrical requirements in the automotive industry range from the high voltage power supplies to the cord reels and portable handlamps. Appleton Group is just as diverse, offering the right solutions, from OEM production lines to scrap yard cranes
Successful beverage manufacturing relies on a hygienic environment subject to extreme corrosion and washdown conditions. That is why products from Appleton Group help beverage makers and bottlers deliver refreshment to consumers worldwide
The chemical industry converts raw materials into products that define contemporary life. Appleton Group offers a diverse selection of electrical products to ensure safe and reliable operation in these hazardous and corrosive environments
Electrical engineers and contractors work had to keep complex electrical infrastructures up and running. Fortunately, they can get the best designed and most reliable industrial electrical products, all from a single supplier—Appleton Group
Manufacturing lines in the food industry are often exposed to corrosive environments, washdowns, and frequent reconfigurations that can destroy ordinary equipment. Appleton Group offers products to suit the most diverse and demanding requirements
Appleton Group supplies products designed to serve the wide-ranging electrical requirements of the life sciences pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries, while ensuring safe, reliable performance in the most challenging environments
Machine tool builders rely on our products because Appleton Group delivers the highest standards of reliability, durability and consistency, year after year
High temperatures and rugged manufacturing conditions make foundries and mills the very definition of extreme environments. Appleton Group’s electrical solutions are designed to withstand the uniquely adverse conditions of the metals industry
For the oil and gas exploration and extraction industry, Appleton Group products provide safe and reliable performance wherever electricity is used, from the wellhead to the refinery
Hydrogen, sulfides and water vapor cause equipment to fail and refineries to shut down. Appleton Group also offers electrical, lighting and temperature maintenance systems that are ideal for use in extremely corrosive environments
Coal fired, hydroelectric, natural gas and nuclear power plants rely on heavy duty industrial power supply, distribution, control and lighting systems. Appleton Group supplies the industrial electrical products that power the power makers
Corrosive chemicals, wood and paper dusts can degrade equipment and present an explosion hazard. Appleton Group offers solutions designed to cope with these harsh conditions and keep production mills up and running
Problems with caustic and hazardous gases, make it clear why so many water and wastewater treatment facilities rely on Appleton Group for the safest, most durable and corrosion-resistant products