Firestop Resources

  1. Any pipe or conduit with a diameter smaller than the listed value may be used.
  2. Any pipe or conduit with a wall thickness heavier than the listed value may be used.
  3. Any cable tray with a width and / or loading depth narrower than the listed value may be used.
  4. Any cable with similar insulation / jacketing and smaller size or gauge may be used.
  5. A rated Firestop system “F” rating may be applied to a wall or floor of equal or lesser “F” rating, the system then is rated at the lesser “F” rating.
  6. References to tested systems are as follows:
    • UL indicates Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (US)
    • cUL indicates Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. to Canadian Standards (Canada)
    • FM indicates Factory Mutual Research
    • SP indicates Underwriters Laboratories of Canada
    • SWR indicates Southwest Research Institute
    • ITS indicates Intertek Testing Services (formerly Warnock Hersey)

Nelson Product Abbreviations

CLK Silicone Non – Intumescent Sealant LBS3 Latex Intumescent Sealant
CMP Firestop Mortar Compound MCT Multi – Cable Transit
CPS Composite Sheet MPS Multi – Plug Device
ES1399 Endothermic Sealant NFB Intumescent Fire Brick
FSC Intumescent Cable Coating PCS Pipe Choke System
FSC3 Elastomeric Joint Coating PLW Firestop Pillows
FSP Flameshield Putty WRS3 Intumescent Wrapstrip

Nelson Firestop