Warm Tiles Do-It-Yourself

Warm Tiles is simple to install. Any skilled Do-It-Yourselfer with adequate knowledge of flooring and electrical wiring can install your own floor warming system. Just read the comprehensive installation instructions found in your floor warming kit and follow the steps.

All installations must be in accordance with all applicable national and local electrical and building codes, regulations and inspection procedures. Electrical inspection may be required during and/or after system installation. Check with your local electrical inspection department before beginning installation. When installing your tile or stone, follow standard tiling procedures of the Tile Council of America for the United States or by the Terrazzo, Tile and marble Association of Canada.

Whether you’d like to enjoy radiant floor warming in your kitchen, bathroom, family room or anywhere else, you should always plan your installation ahead of time. You can download the Warm Tiles Room Layout Planner by clicking here

Always remember these four simple steps...

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

1. On the room’s subfloor, whether it is plywood, concrete or cement backer board, layout your Warm Tiles system according to the instructions. Be sure to place the sensor of your thermostat between the heating cables during laying the floor. Use a Warm Tiles Thermostat for automatic control of your floor warming system.

Do-It-Yourself Step 1A                                 Do-It-Yourself Step 1B

Complete simple-to-follow installation instructions come with each Warm Tiles Floor Warming Kit. Call Technical Service at (800) 523-7636 with any questions you may have at any time during the installation process.

CAUTION: Kit combinations that exceed 10 Amps should be connected by a qualified electrician.

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