Warm Tiles Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips for Warm Tiles Floor Warming System

If the overall floor surface feels unusually cool after the system has been energized for more than 3 hours, verify that the Thermostat (heating controller) is correctly installed and functioning properly. Check with the Thermostat (heating controler) operating manual and contact the manufacturer, if necessary. 

Troubleshooting Check List


 Possible Cause

 Suggested Correction

 Display is Blank

 No power to the thermostat

 Restore power supply

 Er 02 on display

 Program cannot run with time setting proposed due to conflict of time
(e.g. Leave time occurs after Return time)

Adjust program time to eliminate conflict

 EGFD test button won’t cause thermostat to trip

 Thermostat is in 'Standby' mode
(Heating Symbol Flashing Slowly)

Wait for 3 minutes, until heating icon stops flashing  and is on continuously

 GFI flashing on LCD display

Ground Fault detected by thermostat

 Press Reset button on thermostat, if fault does not clear, switch to Off mode call, service technician or contact Easy Heat Customer Service Center

 Cold/Hot Floor

 Floor Temp Set too low/high. Clock not set properly

 Increase/decrease Floor Temp Setting. Check Time and Day settings, watch for AM/PM

 Floor Temp won’t reach set level

Program Set Time may be off
Heat up time may be longer than one hour
Cables may not be able to reach set level due to room heat loss
Cable Problem

 Check program settings, watch for AM/PM
Set cables to come on earlier than current program
Reduce source of heat loss, such as open windows, insulate floor directly under cables
Cables must be checked

 Floor Heating doesn’t turn on

 Thermostat in Off mode
Power supply problem
Problem with sensor wire, 'Sensor' flashing on LCD display must be checked
Cable problem

 Switch to Manual or Auto mode
Check breaker panel and wiring. Sensor and/or connections to thermostat
Cables must be checked