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Global manufacturer of electrical products and components for commercial, industrial, hazardous and adverse environments, Appleton Group’s brands include Appleton, EasyHeat, McGill, Nelson Firestop, Nelson Heat Trace, O-Z/Gedney and SolaHD
Small terminal/junction box enclosure for various electrical ... Designed for use in Zone 1 or 2 areas, where flammable ... High impact resistant black polycarbonate enclosure. ... Choose from two versions; external or internal hubs. ......
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Appleton's BJE Series octagonal polycarbonate junction boxes are small terminal junction box enclosures for various electrical connections in hazardous areas and designed for use where flammable gases or vapors are present
Other lamps require lens cover removal for servicing. ... Thermally separated ballast provides for extended life. ... Choice of mounting with a galvanized yoke bracket, fixed ... Suitable for use in up to 55 °C (131 °F) ambient temperatu...
SDU-PMBRK: Mounting brackets to secure the UPS to the wall, back of the panel or enclosure ... SDUENETIPCARD: Network communication module is a high performance communication solution for industrial ... Pour le français et l’espagnol,...
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SolaHD's SDU Series DIN rail AC uninterruptible power supplies provide ride through during brief power outages and safe equipment shutdown to prevent data loss, work interruptions and equipment damage during longer outages
Yoke bracket is designed to accommodate traditional ... Areamaster brackets and slipfitters for easy retrofit. ... Choice of color temperature (CCT); 5000K cool white ... Standard 6KV surge protection. ... Captive fasteners secure one...
Powerful, efficient weatherproof lighting for applications ... Three lumen outputs provide up to 19,500 lumens. ... Nominal lumen value for 5000K, detailed lumen information ... Areamaster brackets and slipfitters for easy retrofit. ......
Suitable for use on lighting, heat trace and power circuits. ... Supplied with standard hard drawn, tin plated, copper bus bar ... Models are available standard with or without main breaker, ... Supplied with dead front for internal...
For use in classified areas where ignitable vapors, gases or ... Enclosures have external mounting lugs for ease of mounting. ... Smooth, rounded integral bushing in each hub protects ... Enclosures furnished with internal ground screw....
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