Competitor Cross Reference

For up to 10 competitor items, the Cross Reference ​ Manual Option tool may be used. For large spreadsheets of items, the Cross Reference ​ Upload Option may be better suited for your needs.

Cross Reference  Manual Option Directions

1. Enter the competitor’s catalog number in the search box provided.        

2. Separate multiple catalog numbers with a comma (maximum of 10 numbers).    

3. Click the green button to search. Results will appear on screen.

Cross Reference 
​ Upload Option Directions

1. Prepare the spreadsheet of competitor catalog numbers as follows:      

2. Starting in cell “A1”, list all competitor’s catalog numbers only in column A.        

3. Click on “Choose File” and select your spreadsheet. Then “Click to Upload File”.  

4. Download and save your completed spreadsheet of cross referenced items.  

Note the built-in filters allowing you to filter between multiple competitors and Appleton brands. 

If you have any questions about a particular catalog item, please contact us.​            ​​


This cross reference is intended to be used as a tool to determine an equivalent Appleton Group catalog number, given another manufacturer's catalog number.

Catalog numbers of other manufacturers are shown for products that appear to be equivalent in their functional use, though not necessarily interchangeable.

Every effort has been made to
 ensure the accuracy of this information, though Appleton Group will assume no responsibility for errors or omissions which may have occurred. As such, Appleton Group recommends verification of the information necessary to make the appropriate product selection for a given application.

Information in this cross reference is subject to change without prior notice.​​​