Achieve high quality and performance with solutions from McGill® precision aerospace bearings.
Reliable helical and worm gearmotor solutions designed for demanding Centerpivot and Linear mechanized irrigation systems around the globe. Designed for 50 and 60Hz power, using carefully chosen materials, and backed by 40+ years of proven performance
Meeting the requirements of Automotive manufacturers, System Plast products are designed to help our customers increase their productivity and improve their working environment.
Address water and energy sustainability and reduced maintenance needs with solutions from System Plast, Sealmaster and Browning.
Improve reliability, maintenance planning and service/repair with high value solutions from Power Transmission Solutions.
Offers more than 50 year experience of providing couplings for installation in drum drives of hoisting machinery, cranes and conveying systems, without limits on coupling sizes to meet customer requirements.
Implement solutions with reduced maintenance and corrosion resistance using solutions from System Plast, Sealmaster and Browning.
Contain costs and help improve equipment reliability with readily available products from Sealmaster, Morse and Kop-Flex.
Address reliability, reduced maintenance and ease of installation needs with high value solutions from Sealmaster and Browning.
Run faster with smaller footprints and save energy and money with industry leading technology from Browning.
Class approved package solutions for your marine drives. The widest program of flexible couplings is available at Jaure.
Address reliability, maintenance planning and service/repair needs with high value solutions from Jaure, Kop-Flex and Rollway.
Help improve reliability with readily available and expert solutions from Rollway, Kop-Flex and McGill.
Take advantage of high value solutions from System Plast, Sealmaster and Browning to help improve equipment performance and reduce maintenance.
Take advantage of Kop-Flex solutions for reliability and reduced maintenance.
Engineered to order solutions for the most demanding testing rigs for wind, marine or other industrial applications.
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Help improve operation performance with reliable drive, bearing and gearing solutions from Browning and Sealmaster.
Latest generation coupling systems that respond to the most demanding requirements for the entire lifetime of wind turbines are available at Jaure.
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