Time-tested Brand Performance

Power Transmission Solutions is a family of respected product brands that supply a variety of power transmission components designed to increase both uptime and productivity. Each of our brands brings years of time-tested reliability and proven performance results. Together they deliver a product line unparalleled in its breadth.

Founded in 1886, Browning is the world leader in V-belt drives and helical shaft-mounted speed reducers. Browning also offers a broad range of other products, including gearing, bearings and sprockets.
Founded in 1958 in Spain, Jaure is a leader in the European marketplace. Jaure provides highly engineered couplings for industries ranging from steel, paper, hoisting to windmills and marine applications.
Founded in 1920, Kop-Flex brings over 90 years of design and application experience to a wide range of industries. Kop-Flex products include gear, disc, diaphragm, elastomer and universal shaft couplings.
Founded in 1905, McGill patented the CAMROL® camfollower bearing, which today is offered in more than 1,400 different combinations and configurations. McGill products also include aerospace bearings, needle and spherical bearings.
Founded in 1880, Morse is well known for its performance proven roller-chain drives, clutches, worm-gear speed reducers and couplings.
Founded in 1908, Rollway provides over 2,000 different types of cylindrical roller bearings, cylindrical and tapered thrust bearings and extra-large roller bearings. Rollway also offers a mounted metric ball bearing.
Founded in 1935, Sealmaster is the industry’s preferred bearing product, known for its premium-quality mounted ball-bearing line, as well as its mounted roller bearings.
Founded in 1985, System Plast S.r.l. is a global supplier of steel and engineered plastic conveying chains and chain tracks, modular plastic belts, composite housed bearings and Valu Guide® conveyor components and guide rails.
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