Specialty Products

When continued delivery of power is essential, Appleton Group’s power reels and cords are the solution. Superior design standards and a wide range of options meet the needs of a variety of application driven requirements. From industrial grade extension cords and GFCIs to explosionproof, weather protected and special purpose Reelites®, we offer every solution you need to bring safe, reliable power to portable and moving equipment.

Appleton Group’s specialty products include plugs and connectors, motor safety controls, electrical plug lockout enclosures, indicator lights and signaling horns, and a complete selection of rocker, toggle and pushbutton switches. These high quality products exemplify Appleton Group’s dedication to providing exactly the right solution for virtually any electrical requirement.

Nutsteel audible signaling devices provide audible communication and warning signals
Appleton Group provides general duty, heavy duty, weather protected and explosionproof reels to cover an extensive range of applications
McGill switches are designed for safety, reliability and style


Heavy Duty Reelites

Heavy Duty Reelites