General Lighting

Industrial lighting solutions from Appleton Group can be found illuminating everything from large warehouses, sports fields and parking structures to individual workspaces and temporary job sites. Whatever your needs, we provide the right lighting choices: high and low bay luminaires, floodlights, architectural lighting complete with poles and mounting hardware, extension lights, inspection lights and more. We offer vandal shields, guards and other accessories to complete your application.
Appleton Group’s general architectural luminaires enhance safety and security while providing exceptional weather protection and vandal resistance. They are designed to prevent unwanted light from spilling over onto adjacent properties
Appleton Group's selection of industrial floodlights and task lights provide safe and reliable lighting for everything from parking lots to walkways, storage areas, and processing facilities.
Appleton Group’s general high bay luminaires provide effective, efficient general lighting for indoor areas such as warehouses, and factories, comes in a variety of voltages and ballasts types to suit any global application
Appleton Group offers McGill lamp changers for fluorescent and incandescent lamps to make relamping quick, easy and safe
Appleton Group offers McGill lamp protection products such as Protect-O-Sleeves to encase existing fluorescent tubes, and Protect-O-Tubes and Protect-O-Globes to help prevent breakage and theft
Appleton Group’s poles and hangers for architectural lighting includes a choice of square and round poles, available in straight and tapered versions, and mounting brackets for floodlights and architectural lighting
EGS Electrical Group’s offers temporary lighting, for construction, automotive service, utility inspection and any other job that requires safe, efficient, on-the-spot illumination
Appleton Group offers incandescent and fluorescent utility lighting that include an integral wiring box for easy installation in barns, garages, warehouses and outbuildings. Rugged and corrosion resistant