Hazardous Location Controls

Hazardous Location Controls

When specifying electrical equipment for hazardous locations, there is no room for error. The selection has to be exactly suited for the job and location. Appleton Group is the one supplier you can turn to for the right solution, no matter what the requirements.

Our hazardous location controls, motor starters and switches include time tested designs and new innovations, with devices and options available to meet virtually any control requirement. Models are available in malleable iron, copperfree aluminum and nonmetallic materials to suit your needs for durability and corrosion resistance.

Appleton Group’s hazardous location control stations and switches offer factory sealed models along with NEMA 4X enclosures, ATEX, IEC and CSA Certified models, pre-drilled and customized control stations, and much more
Appleton Group’s hazardous location indicators ensure that fuel transport vehicles, tanks and other combustible material containers are properly grounded prior to any transfer of the material
Appleton Group’s hazardous location motor starters are available in low or full voltage, AC or DC, single or poly phase, manual or magnetic, with breaker or without. There are Appleton models suitable for every hazardous class, division and zone
Appleton Group’s hazardous location switches provide for normal and emergency shutoff, automatic shutoff for conveyors that are misaligned or off-track off track, and automatic correction of incorrect conveyor speed

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