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Branson’s portfolio includes the industry's most comprehensive offering of ultrasonic technology for precision cleaning, ultrasonic welding and other techniques for plastic joining, ultrasonic welding of metals and wires, and ultrasonic liquid processing.

Our complimentary Application Assistance​ program offers unmatched knowledge and experience to help you choose and optimize the best ultrasonic welding, plastic joining and cleaning solution for your unique application.​

Plastic Welding - Ultrasonic Welders, Vibration Welders, Laser Welders, Spin Welders, Hot Plate Welders, Thermal Processing, and Automation Systems.
Ultrasonic Metal Welding Equipment Including Sealers, Splicers, Welders and Seamwelders.
Industrial and Bransonic Cleaners technologies include: Aqueous and solvent cleaning systems, robotic handling systems, and Bransonic Bench-top cleaners
Our Sonifier® cell disrupter/homogenizer line has been consistently used as the benchmark in laboratory experiments, research studies and clinical applications for over 50 years.
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